Chile y el mar.

Chile and the sea.

I love seeing the sea, feeling its salinity and sometimes the strong wind, although it is freezing almost all year round. We have lived in Puerto Montt for many years, and the best thing is to be enchanted every day when observing the bay. Many cormorants, seagulls and pelicans flutter along the waterfront. The sea lions live between Angelmó and the Tenglo channel, and some lucky days we can enjoy the passage of a group of dolphins.

The map of Chile and the sea is not a coincidence, some marine species were already familiar to us. But it was better to choose and learn more about marine flora and fauna.

The affection and love for each species that surrounds us is much greater when we know more about its life. I have been surprised with the emperor penguin, so faithful and good father. Take care of the egg that the female laid without moving from the place for two months, and without eating anything. And so it was with every species we chose to include in this new design. With Camila, graphic designer, and my daughter Beatriz, we already formed a team. And this time Bea (graphic designer) was motivated by drawing the blue whale, and other beautiful illustrations, this is undoubtedly the most rewarding thing about this map. I hope many can enjoy it and share the history of each illustrated marine species.

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