¿Conoces el Espino? Si! el de las flores amarillas que se ven a distancia!

Do you know the Thorn? Yeah! the one with the yellow flowers that can be seen from a distance!

Hawthorn, Acacia caven, also known as maulino hawthorn, churque, caven or kawen in mapundungun. It is considered a thorny hardwood tree or shrub 2 to 6 m tall. It has thick branches, thorns, deciduous leaves. The flowers are scented in dense glomeruli (type of inflorescence) 1 to 2 cm in diameter, reddish and yellowish, appearing before the leaves.
This beautiful tree or shrub is characteristic of the sclerophyllous forest of the central valley of Chile, standing out especially in the spring flowering season (from August to October), due to its yellow inflorescences that stand out from a distance. 💛
Its fruit known as quirinca, blackish brown in color and high in tannins.

📔 Bibliography: Monograph by ESPINO, Susana Benedetti R. Non-Wood Forest Products Research Program
➡️ If you want to know more, we leave the link Monograph of Espino
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