¿Conoces las iglesias de Chiloé? 🧡

Do you know the churches of Chiloé? 🧡

We show you some of the 16 churches that make up the "Route of the Chiloé Churches" which by the way UNESCO declared as a World Heritage Site: Achao, Aldachildo, Caguach, Castro, Shillin, Chonchi, Colo, Dalcahue, Detif, Ichuac, Nercón, Quinchao, Rilán, San Juan, Tenaún and Vilupulli.

Some of them are on our beautiful illustrated maps! Do not miss it!

✨ Chonchi Church located in front of the Plaza de Armas in the city of Chonchi. It dates from the year 1893 and was founded on a base of stones and cypress. It measures 45 meters long by 18 meters wide and has a 23-meter tower.

✨ Castro Church located in front of the Plaza de Armas in the city of Castro, capital of the Isla Grande de Chiloé Its construction began in 1910, the design of the Church belongs to the Italian architect Eduardo Provasoli, in the structure were used woods from the area, such as: larch, cypress, coigüe.

✨ Church of Tenaún Located in the Dalcahue commune at the end of the town square in a diagonal position different from the other Chilota churches that can be clearly seen from the sea. It is 41 meters long by 14 meters wide, with three towers and an iron roof.

✨ Colo Church located in Quemchi, built hand in hand by the missionaries and by the community that contributed their work, their materials, their techniques and the wood, giving rise to architectural syncretism that mixed European and indigenous cultural traditions, producing a form unique wooden architecture.

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