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Reforesting Patagonia with native trees

I always liked trees, I lived surrounded by them, they change with the seasons, the wind, and the daylight. It is a privilege to have them around and feel their company. It is a great motivation to be able to contribute to the reforestation campaign in Chile. Today we have already accomplished some goals by planting native trees. Collaborating with the Reforestemos la Patagonia Foundation. Conaf is responsible for the practical part. Each customer who buys our collections receives their coordinates to verify this action.

The Reforestemos Patagonia campaign was born after the last big fire that occurred in the Torres del Paine National Park, in December 2011, which destroyed more than 17 thousand hectares. It is an initiative that manages public and private support to organize initiatives that contribute to the care, recovery and appreciation of Chilean Patagonia, one of the main natural heritage of our country and the world.

Thanks to the support of citizens, ambassadors and different companies, the initiative has managed to gather more than 350,000 native trees, becoming the largest native reforestation campaign in Protected Wilderness Areas in Chilean Patagonia. The foundation celebrated five years of existence, which is why the interest in advancing in an education plan for schools, children and young people is reinforced in order to generate an environmental culture in our country.

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