Sentido de pertenencia y dependencia con la naturaleza que nos rodea.

Sense of belonging and dependence on the nature that surrounds us.

Today, thanks to the Reforestemos la Patagonia Foundation, we continue to plant trees on behalf of our clients. We do the virtual management. Conaf with specialized collaborators plant the native tree.

I share this article by Carolina Jimenez from Santo Domingo.

It is a universal thought and applicable to many places on earth like ours. Puerto Mont Chile. We are southerners in our country, there are many trees and National parks, but we must take care of them.

Understanding and knowing the place where we live is sometimes complicated. The reason is that not enough time or interest is dedicated to inquire about the belonging and location of the environment that surrounds us, to internalize and reflect on the dependence that human beings have on nature. Being aware of this contributes to value what exists and to respect the rights and duties to be fulfilled. In this way, the one to which we belong could be made more "liveable"; conserving and properly using green areas and the environment in general.

Influence to change the environment

It is human beings who have the domain of being able to change the environment. Before, it must be made aware if these changes are to satisfy particular or collective needs. It should also be taken into account that the changes are to help the environment and not to harm it.
“We cannot always transform places. The supported geography is that to which the human being, to satisfy his needs, has not been able to make an effective transformation of the geographical environment. There are examples of difficult places, inhospitable for human beings to establish themselves, among these are Antarctica and Lake Fire in Ethiopia”, points out Arias.

It also explains that: “Although this determination has resulted in destruction due to a change in the use of natural habitats and ecosystems. Urban, agricultural, livestock, mining, tourist use, among others, has led to these changes, which in many cases put at risk the environmental services provided by unique, peculiar and irreplaceable sites on the planet”.

Carolina Jimenez
Santo Domingo

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