Certificado enviado a quienes han comprado colección Mapas Ilustrados de Chile

Valuable testimonials at WWW.TOURMAPSCHILE.COM

A couple of days ago, Juan Carlos Ovalle informed me that the illustrated maps arrived very well, and that he is going to frame them. It is a great joy that you share your emotion with me: "they are beautiful, and I am going to frame them"

This store seems easy to carry, but it is not. It is the modern business, with other complexities, and there is much to learn. I remember those old stores in my town, and there was always someone in charge to serve you very well. That store surely had many problems that we did not see. There was a lot of work and dedication. The best gift for this store owner was to be a "little house" and the best thing to see you again.

Today the testimonies give encouragement and moments of happiness.

A father, Jorge Palma, shares his testimony with me: "I bought thinking of helping my daughters learn from home because of the pandemic and the truth is that they have only been magical and happy moments that they have given me by sharing with the maps".

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